Failure Is a Step Towards Something New

The other night I was creating two simple bands of silver clay for making a pendant. These bands seemed just fine, but I wasn’t careful and I broke one of them shattering it to pieces. Destined to get the work done I cursed for my stupidity and was prepared to rehydrate the pieces as it clearly was beyond repair. Defeated I sat silent for a while stirring at my messy work bench. 

Then the silence of my mind broke off as my eyes fixed on two other parts of dry clay I had created long time ago. For these two arches I first had a plan but then later realized that they were not fit for it. They had been sitting there and waiting desperately for something new to arise. I started playing with all of those pieces uniting them in various ways and inspiration struck me again. No, it was nothing spectacular but with a bit of clay paste a simple new form was born. It felt like all the pieces were there for a reason and destined to be a part of something else than what I planned all along.

This work always seems to be about not feeling good enough, failing miserably and getting caught to sudden challenges in the process of making your plans come real. Life challenges those who have the urge to create. On the path of learning this was a good little reminder. Things tend to have a life of their own and failure can be a step towards something new – if you just remember to have an open mind.



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